It is five minutes drive from GEC Moar. Driving through to Zam Zam Jharna Dhara take the main road ( Zakir Hossain Road ) enjoy the nice hilly  panaroma. Feel comfort as you cross, Ispahani School & College, Nasirabad  Boy’s & Girl’s School, Nasirabad Girl’s college, William Kerry School, Holy Crescent Hospital, Indian High Commission, Agriculture Research Laboratory, Veterinary University, Jhautola Kacha Bazar, Pahartali College, Diabetic Hospital, Kidney Hospital,  Bangladesh Television, USTC, BNSB Eye hospital.  Have a fresh air every morning & evening while you walk only two minutes to the Zoo or to the Lake Side.

Features & Amenities

•  Export Quality Local made in floors & skirting.

•  All interior and outer walls are plastered on 5”. thick 1st class bricks.
•  Roof top parapet walls are plastered on 5” thick brick work.

•  One/Two main entrance doors shutters and chowkats are of Chittagong Teak with door chain (Foreign made), check viewer (Foreign made), no. Brass door handles with security locks (Foreign made).
•  Internal doors shutters & chowkats are of gammari wood

•  Sliding windows with ocean blue glass completed with lining and rainwater barrier within anodized aluminum sections from Fung Chuang.
•  Safety grills in all windows; matched color with Mosquito net.

•  All Bath Rooms are decorated with:
•  Imported sanitary ware.
•  Locally made best quality tiles, full height.
•  Floors tiles best quality local made.
•  Mirrors (Local made) with overhead lamps
•  Pedestal basin, best quality local cp fittings.
•  Best quality imported PVC doors.
•  Enamel paint on the ceiling
•  Provision for concealed hot & cold water lines (excluding gizzard)
•  Best Quality GI, pipes.

•  Concrete shelf at about 2.5 ft height from floor level with tile work top (Local made).
•  One Exhaust fan (Foreign made) in a suitable location.
•  One high polish stainless counter top steel sink with mixture (foreign made).
•  Provision for double burner gas outlet.
•  Provision for concealed hot & cold water lines (best quality G.I. pipes)

Painting & polishing
•  Weather coat on outside plastered surface.
•  Smooth finished & soft colored plastic paint in all internal walls and ceilings.
•  Spirit polish on all wooden door frames & shutters.

•  Good quality imported MK type switches.
•  Imported circuit breaker
•  Electrical distribution box with main switch (local).
•  Concealed electrical wiring (best quality local made).
•  Independent electric meter in each apartment.
•  All power outlet with earthing connection.
•  Fan hooks, one fan point in each room.
•  Provision for air conditioner in all bed rooms.
•  Light points in all rooms and verandah, two emergency light & one fan connected with standby generator.
•  Emergency electricity connection in lift, pump, lobby, intercom service, car parking, reception area, security room & main gate.
•  Concealed intercom and telephone lines, provision for TV and cable line.

Utility lines (Water and Gas)
•  Sewerage & storm water to WASA line.
•  Water reservoir designated to hold water supply.
•  Two over head water tanks.
•  Bakhrabad Gas approved concealed gas lines (best quality G.I. pipe), gas pipe lines connection from Bakhrabad Gas Distribution System as per total calculated consumption with adequate safety measures.

General Amenities
•  Heavy secured gateway with decorative lamps and well designed logo of the complex.
•  Main lobby & reception are with an impressive look.
•  Well designed reception desk, standard floor tiles.
•  Car parking in covered and protected ground floor for residence with comfortable driveways.
•  Elaborate intercom system to connect each apartment to the desk.
•  One standby emergency generator for in case of power failure.
•  One superior quality lift from Foreign manufacturer.
•  Management office, security room with bathroom.

Layouts of the Apartment
•  The layout has been made in such a way that maximum advantages for day light and cross ventilation are available.

Apartment foyer
•  In some Apartment an entrance door opens to a foyer, foyer has been designed to maintain privacy with the unknown guests.

Optional features
•  Interior design including wall closet/ cabinet may be arranged if possible, at additional cost as per requirement of the client.

Structural & Engineering features
•  Structural design parameters based on Bangladesh National Building Codes (BNBC).
•  Sub-soil Investigation and soil composition has been analyzed comprehensively by latest testing equipments in the laboratory.
•  Reinforced Cement Concrete (R.C.C) foundation with adequate mixture ration has been provided as per soil test report.
•  Total construction Structural Design & Drawing and supervision of the work have been done by a team of qualified professional structural engineers, the structure has been designed considering wind pressure (250 mph) and possible earth quake measuring richer scale 6.5.

Major construction materials
Cement———-Best quality local cement
Steel———— 60 grade deformed bar manufactured by BSRM. Chips————Stone chips from shilok.
Bricks————Standard best quality available bricks.
Coarse Sand—-Coarse sand from Shilok